Facebook Chat

Facebook Page Chat

Chat with businesses' Facebook pages on your website.

Price : $75
Level : Intermediate


Simple way to allow website visitors to chat with businesses' Facebook page on-site. With this widget, customers can transition back and forth seamlessly without losing the conversation’s history and context
  • The customer chat widget automatically loads recent chat history between the person and your business, meaning recent interactions with your business on messenger.com, in the Messenger app, or in the customer chat widget on your website will be visible. 
  • This helps create a single experience for your customers, and enables you to continue the conversation even after they have left your webpage. No need to capture their information to follow up, just use the same conversation in Messenger.
  • Localization & Internationalization
  • You can't choose which position you want to place the messenger icon.
  • The customer chat widget is supported for desktop and mobile with the following exceptions where it is not supported:
    • Internet Explorer
    • Messenger in-app browsers
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