Who can buy our widgets?

        Only Duda Pros can have our widgets as they can only be installed on a Duda Pro account.

    How can I get the widgets?

        Just fill in our widget order form and we will organize the installation for you. Sample Link

    What do I need to supply in order to get widgets installed?

        You can send your Duda Pro main account logins, or set up a Staff account for us with permission to Widget Builder. Some widgets also have their special requirements. Sample Link

    How can I give you access to my Duda Account?

        You can fill in the order form with your logins or contact us so we can setup an email address for you to send Staff access to. Sample Link

    How can I find the widgets I purchase from the TheCamel?

        Once installed, the widgets will be available at the Widgets tray, and you can drag the to where you want to place them. Sample Link

    Can I use the widgets for more than one site?

        Yes! Once a widget has been installed to your account you can use it for as many sites as you like just like a normal Duda widget. Of course, there are exceptions. Some of the advanced and requested widgets are specifically built for one site use only. On these cases, you can always ask us to customize it for re-use 😃 (additional costs may occur). Sample Link

    Can my customers or the website owners use these widgets?

        Yes, you can set the widgets to be usable for everyone, your staff or just you. Sample Link

    Can I share widgets with other Duda Pros?

        Sadly, no. These widgets are a property of TheCamel and purchasing them only gives you the right to use them, not acquiring the item itself. Should any other accounts that is not connected to your main account want to use our widgets, they must get in touch with us to organize the installation (additional costs may occur). Sample Link

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