Fare Calculator

Fare Calculator

Allow your site visitors to estimate travel fare depending on the distance per KM.

Price : $150
Level : Advance
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You can estimate the travel fare, time and distance from your origin to your destination.
  • Just enter the following:
    • Country Code of your place
    • Origin and Destination place
    • Currency of the total price fare
    • Minimum amount of fare
    • Unit System (Kilometer or Mile)
    •  Rate per kilometer/mile (KM)
  • You can apply the options for Avoiding Highways and Tolls.
  • You can still input different location on the live site.
  • You can add your API key to access and use the Google Map features.
  • You can change the background color or image of the Fare and Map Container Background and Estimate Button.
  • You can edit the spacing of the widget.
  • This widget is responsive.
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Estimate Fare

Time (mins)

Distance (Kilometer/s)


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